Italy of Vs of China of competition of large award of 2017 women’s volleyballs when? When does match direct seeding begin?

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Large award of world women’s volleyball surpassed total final 2017 day of the 4th race. Semifinals match is medium tonight, c上海千花网论坛

hinese women’s volleyball will meet Italy head-on, adversary serves outstanding, of the person such as Zhu Ting and Zhang Changning pass will face stern test.

Click watch: Large award of 2017 worlds women’s volleyball surpasses total final direct seeding: Address of direct seeding of semifinal of Chinese Vs Italy

This total final, the brunt of China and Italy basically follows team go out for a battle, chinese women’s volleyball presents as leading role by Zhu Ting, and Italy criterion by assume personal command of dust case exert, from the point of the battle array, both sides expedited current the strongest battle array, belong to the strong strong dialog of a Gao Shuiping.

Ability tactics respect, chinese team is average adversary of height prep above, in net mouth contention holds stated do爱上海同城论坛

minant position, but be being passed is soft costal region, with Dutch match in, zhang Changning is passed break down the end that be replaced, till the match the end did not appear again, reserve of Liu dawn red comes on stage to also have a few times receive directly fly, will look at present, besides free person Lin Li is passed stabler, of eaves of Zhu Ting, Gong Xiang, Zhang Changning pass have rise and fall, italy is in order to serve the team of be good at, this semifinal, of Chinese team pass will face grim challenge.

To Italy, their technology is 爱上海龙凤419桑拿

full-scale, attack prevent balanced, defend especially, very outstanding, often can have a ball of do with sb unconscious, obtain thereby prevent turn over an opportunity, but Italy also has a disadvantage, error of young team member is more, no matter be Aigenu, a plac爱上海同城论坛

e of strategic importance,pull, still not benefit, the capacity that the ball controls on the hand still owes duration, this is as general as team member also young about, assault force of Aigenu is beyond question, if can lower error rate, make the block that gives China the group certain trouble.

Respect of record of fight hand to hand, elder brother hill stands, china and Italy are given priority to with young team member dozen, the Zhu Ting that surpass end is brief appear on make vigorous efforts to turn the situation, help China women’s volleyball beat Italy; But Chinese Macao stands, chinese team is right of Aigenu bar prevent not quite successful, by Italy pleased avenge. From the point of associate with engage in a battle, although Italy once was the family of the victim in a murder case of Chinese team, but after Lan上海千花社区

g Ping weighs palm ferula, chinese team is alive semifinal of bright and beautiful contest, Olympic Games conquer Italy, mentally still holds stated dominant positi新爱上海同城对对碰论坛

on, mouth of this battle door fights, can let go hammer and tongs more one wrestle.

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