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Everybody knows, alcohol is contained inside the wine that people drinks at ordinary times, do not differ with the alcohol content of phyletic wine, for instance the alcohol content of liquor is comparedShanghai noble baby

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Tall, the degree of liquor is so higher also, but these are OK drinkable wine, in the life often can bring into contact with is medical alcohol, still have the alcohol of more tall purity, ten million cannot drink this kind of alcohol, bring about easily otherwise toxic, so drank alcohol to you can cause death?

Drink alcohol to you can die?

Drink alcohol to you can die?

Add alcohol to also divide chroma, low won’t die, resemble drunk wine, there is alcohol inside, but also have alcoholism this says, because the alcohol intake in alcohol is overmuch,that is, caused harm to the person, so, alcohol is drunk less won’t toxic, drink much the kill with poison in also be being met dies.

Pure alcohol is done not hard, have in drugstore sell 7 yuan one bottle those who have 75% is medical alcohol, also have the pure alcohol of 98% , namely alcohol. The making material of false wine is to compare this to return second industrial alcohol methanol. Estimation is not dead if drinking also incomplete, alcohol has very strong dialytic sex and excitant (can try to besmear alcohol in skin surface, meeting discovery is very cool, moisture is very fast be evaporated; And pore can contract quickly to come loose further in order to protect moisture contentLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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Break. Tu Tai for many times if can discover the skin is dry. )

Some people are malty after wine ugly performance 100, appeared vomiting, have a headache, the symptom such as coma, more serious conference appears sudden death phenomenon. Because alcohol is met paralytic nerve, the central nervous that if the alcohol of excessive is met,affects, cause sudden death.

Drink alcohol to you can die?

Drink actually the phenomenon of sudden death is not common still, but the body that excessive drinking can erode slowly, especially liverFall in love with the sea

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Dirty. So does the body appear what signal when be about to stop immediately? 1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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1, capacity for liquor drops suddenly

the stand or fall of capacity for liquor and hepatic stand or fall has must concern greatly very much, Forum of Shanghai noble baby

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Drinking the alcohol that go in undertake decomposing through liver, if liver appears problem, natural capacity for liquor was differred. If appear,capacity for liquor drops suddenly, so ten million should notice is hepatic likelihood occurrence problem, it is liver cirrhosis, liver cancer even.

2, drink face very red

Gutty it is the view says ” drink blushing person can be drunk ” , this is incorrect. Drink because be lacked inside body,facial person is aldehyde translate into the aldehyde dehydrogenation of second acid is enzymatic, bring about aldehyde to pile up inside body. The face is caused after excessive red, calorific, perspire, headache the following day, the body aches, because pile up,this is inside body cannot be decomposed ” aldehyde ” hanky-pankying. And aldehyde is the change that carcinogen can cause the DNA inside the cell, cause cellular mutation, cause the tall hair of certain cancer, wait like esophagus cancer, cancer of the stomach.

Drink alcohol to you can die?

3, complexion becomes white, risk cold sweat

Flush is not after some people drank wine, however ghastly, return companion to have the symptom that risks cold sweat, whole person is particularly sick. Drink bald-faced person is body inside aldehyde of alcohol translate into, aldehyde translate into of second acid enzymatic not active, alcohol both neither can be seasonable translate into aldehyde also cannot seasonable translate into second is acerbity, can lean only humoral go attenuant. Also explain the body is right at the same time of alcohol be able to bear or endure get ability difference, perhaps saying is allergic to alcohol. If drink much, can bring about body shock, it is very dangerous.

4, have the fatty liver, hepatic disease such as hepatitis

If oneself have the hepatic disease such as fatty liver, hepatitis, it is certainly so cannotFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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Drink quite, the burden of can aggravating liver, aggravating illness.

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