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If be the darling of 5 months,of the circumstance of occurrence stunt is to should want to find illness reason be treated later, must want suit the remedy to the case, ability can make the speed that improve more a few faster, lie all the time the condition of stunt is the normal growth that can affect baby, it is to bring about stature even short, hidebound perhaps, can be only so mix from food medication two respects start to alleviate at the same time.

 Stunt of 5 months darling

1. constitution grows evaluation

According to former Ministry of Public Health the proposal is used the constitution of 9 big city children of Chinese grew 1995 data consults for Chinese children crowd value. Children constitution grows the evaluation includes growth level, grow speed and well-balanced degree 3 respects.

(The some that 1) growth level gains the point when some age constitution grows index measured value1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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(Cross section is measured) with referenced crowd the value is compared, get the seat with this located in coessential crowd children, it is this children namely this constitution grows index is in of this age grow level, show its result with grade normally. Grow the level includes all individual constitution to grow index, like weight, height (long) , the head is surrounded, bust, the upper arm is surrounded etc, can use at individual or the evaluation of group children.

 Stunt of 5 months darling

Some are individualSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Measure, if bone age represents development maturity, also reflect growth level. Same, the age that constitution measured value also can grow will represent growth level or maturity. Be like 76cm of a height of 2 years old of boys, height grows the level is coarse, the unripe long age of its height comparatives 1 year old.

(2) grows speed is individual to some constitution grow index is measured continuously regularly (fore-and-aft observation) , be worth this acquisition target in the growth of some age level with consult crowd value is compared, get this children this constitution grows the growth of index speed. With growing the curve expresses to grow speed is the simplest, intuitionistic, fixed check-up is to grow the key that speed evaluates. Children age is small, grow faster, regular examination time interval shoulds not be too long. Grow the evaluation of speed relatively growth level more children of can real knowledge grows state. Grow it is basic and normal that children grows.

 Stunt of 5 months darling

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(3) well-balanced degree is right constitution grows the evaluation that concerns between index. ① bodily form is well-balanced degree express1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Bodily form (configuration) growth scale concerns. Real work middling chooses the weight of height to show the corresponding weight of certain heightForum of Shanghai night net

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Increase scope, the density that mirrors the body secondhand and contented degree. Will measure actually with consult crowd value is compared, the result often expresses with grade. ② figure is well-balanced in order to sit tall (top buttock is tall) / height (long) ratio report lower limbs grows state. By measure computation actually result and consult crowd estimation calculates a result to compare. Result with not well-balanced, well-balanced express.

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