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Have a lot of people unplugging the metropolis is hollow before the tooth, because unplugging need to undertake to the patient’s tooth in the process of the tooth,pat piece, also may need to make haemal inspection, treat to go to a hospital can getting quickly so, general metropolis does not have breakfast, Shanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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But it is more painful to unplugging be in the process of the tooth, a lot of people unplug ache can feel after the tooth, thereby all-overish and hypoglycemia, so unplug you can have breakfast before the tooth?

Unplug the tooth can have breakfast

Unplug before the tooth in the morning is to be able to eat breakfast, and the collapse that causes to avoid hypoglycemia, and blood sugar drops, make namely the patient is being hit anaesthetic and unplug in tooth process incidental faint, the doctor that unplugs be to want to have breakfast before the tooth so still can emphasize wanting to have a meal

Unplug the tooth can have breakfast

Note a problem

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1. unplugs the gauze on the cut after the tooth or tampon, need bite into about half hours to 4A falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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5 minutes of ability are spat, when bite into gauze, if,take off gauze still slight ooze blood, need reserves gauze 1 hour, if still disable, contact with the doctor again please there are a few bloods to belong to normal phenomenon saliva inside the saliva inside 24 hours slightlyLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

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Take redness of skin need not alarmed, dan Rexian blood appears ceaselessly, ask contact with the doctor

Unplug the tooth can have breakfast

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2. unplugs tooth hind is desirable lie partly rest, not smooth lie, cannot wash a hot bath immediately, lest cut haemorrhage

3. unplugs ability food passes 2 hours to be able to eat fluidity or semifluid after the tooth, what the food that does not eat excellent, overheat must notice is, after 2 hoursLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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Food of; of appropriate spurt pap is unfavorable overheat, avoid to use unplug tooth side chews otherwise, before complete machine of hematic clot unfinished is changed, carelessly the word of afore-mentioned points, still can bring about hematic clot to destroy and haemorrhage

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