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Cerebral clearance is added wide it is a kind of commonner in darling healthy problem. Appear the reason of this kind of problem has a lot of kinds, have physiology sex already, of sick also reason. Wide to giving birth to the cerebral clearance of reason to add, yesSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Do not need to worry too. Of course, the cerebral clearance that brings about to the disease place such as fluid is being accumulated below hydrocephalus, putamen is added wide, undertake in time was remedialed with respect to need. Below, add wide common cause for clearance of everybody introduction head!

Darling why cerebral clearance is added wide

One, normal physiology phenomenon

A lot of darling do cerebral CT to check, Shanghai noble baby

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Be diagnosed to be ” exterior sex water on the brain ” , the parent has pressure very much, rush about ceaselessly at each large hospital, make a lot of treatment to the child, actually a lot of diagnose the case of illness that is exterior sex water on the brain actual it is a head outer room is unoccupied place add wide, it is normal physiology phenomenon.

Outside the head appears inside 6 months clearance is added wide it is performance of normal physiology growth. The clearance outside the head from be born to 6 months to show add broad metabolic trend gradually, narrow gradually next.

As central nervous the system has ceaseless marrow scabbard to change inside 6 months, frontal leaf belongs to new cortex, development evening, the water share of cerebrum diminishs, the clearance outside occurrence head is added wide, the meeting after 6 months disappears gradually.

A lot of people add the space outside the head wide regard as hydrocephalus is excessive cure, do tall R oxygen, hit nutrient needle to wait cause the child’s needless anguish, the growth that affects the child development creates resources waste.

Darling why cerebral clearance is added wide

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2, hydrocephalus

Inside skull arachnoid next antrum or the cerebrospinal fluid with indoor head are unusually accumulative, make one of parts or all and unusual expand call water on the brain. Pure ventricle enlarger calls the seeper inside the head, arachnoid enlarger finishing speech calls the seeper outside the head inside pure skull. Hydrocephalus is not a kind of onefold disease change, however the obstacle of cerebrospinal fluid loop that reason of a lot of pathology poses. Hydrocephalus is by obstacle of cerebrospinal fluid loop (passageway block) , cerebrospinal fluid absorbs an obstacle, cerebrospinal fluid is secreted overmuch, the reason such as cerebral essence atrophy is caused. Clinical in the commonnest is obstruction sex cause of disease, if ventricle system is different of place of adjacent of photograph of system of the block of place, ventricle occupy a pathological changes to oppress with central nervous system a priori misshapes. By the hydrokinetics cent is traffic sex and block1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Seeper; By time limit progress cent is congenital with posteriority water on the brain, acute and chronic water on the brain, have gender and dormant sex water on the brain; Send gender and water on the brain of acting countervail sex for pure sex, afterwards by video credit; It is gender, normal that by pathology physiology cent is high-pressured force water on the brain of pressure sex, encephalatrophy sex; By the age cent is children and adult water on the brain.

Darling why cerebral clearance is added wide

3, fluid is accumulated below putamen

Fluid is accumulated to occupy the 0.5%~1% with skull traumatic head below putamen, often happen at a side or ministry of Nie of two side forehead, with bilateral frontal ministry sees for how.

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It is OK that fluid is accumulated below cent is mixed for acute chronic, general acute is scarce, form inside several hours, chronic person can have coating.

Cerebral surface by three-layer velamen, by extroversion inside ordinal for putamen, arachnoid, soft film, to action supporting since the head.

Cerebrospinal fluid arises by the clump of a general name for arteries and veins inside ventricle, distributing to be mixed at ventricle arachnoid below unoccupied place, have nutrition, amortize to shake to the head, adjust skull internal pressure and protective action. And accumulate below die because cerebrospinal fluid enters the antrum below putamen and fluid is formed.

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