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Existence has different kind the blood in human body, have A blood, B blood, Ab blood for instance or O blood is waited a moment, if pregnant woman is O blood needs people to be able to be paid attention to all the more,rise, because of the pregnant woman of O blood possible meeting gives existing hemolysis disease this kind of disease, the darling that its are can genetic possible meeting him entail is brought thereby makeLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

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Much worse influence, so below will introduce 0 model what should hematic pregnant woman notice.

 What should O blood pregnant woman notice

What should pregnant Mom O blood notice

Because,this is to the pregnant mom between bosom pregnancy, mother baby blood type shoulds not, the commonnest is mom bloodForum of Shanghai noble baby

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Model it is O blood, and the blood type of darling is A model or B. Have disagreement of this kind of blood type actually, not scarce also between gestation.

In addition, disagreement of mother baby blood type still has RH model, that is to say, the blood type of pregnant mom is negative, and the blood type of darling is masculine gender, the mother can be sent because of RH quick generation antibody, placenta of this antibody classics enters fetal darling blood to cause haemolysis. Because,this is between pregnant mom and fetal darlingForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Blood type shoulds not, and the haemolysis sex disease that produce, general meeting happens in fetal period with the new student period inchoate. So if you are the pregnant mom of O blood, this examination must notice in pregnancy.

 What should O blood pregnant woman notice

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If pregnant Mom is O blood, does fetal and regular meeting produce haemolysis disease

The answer is not certain. If accurate mom is O blood, accurate father is A model, B or AB, and fetal for A model or B when, for the mother child blood type shoulds not.

Cite a case: ABO hemolysis is when the mother blood type is O model, the child is A model, the B haemolysis reaction that produce, contain inside maternal body fight A or fight B antibody, antibody enters fetal system inside, destroy fetal red blood cell, generation hemolysis.

 What should O blood pregnant woman notice

Anyhow, about pregnant woman it is O blood fetal and differ can produce haemolysis surely, should be certain father’s blood type. Anyhow, 1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Before the female of O blood is pregnant, to haemolysis the respect must take seriously. The inspection is made before be pregnant, be pregnant scientificly below doctor guidance. Such ability assure fetal health, normally the circumstance of haemolysis can undertake precautionary before pregnant.

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