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During pregnant woman is pregnant, always want what to drink, but pregnant woman cannot drink tea with milk, it is very painful to also cannot drink beverage to be met casually, especially during a lot of schoolgirls are pregnant, eat a few icy, include carbonic acid beverage to wait a moment, but pregnant woman is between bosom pregnancy, should notice had better not can drink coke, the word of greediness can drink little, but one-time cannot overmuch, because some is contained inside coke,these elements can bring about the body bad.

Pregnant woman can drink coke

Can pregnant woman drink coke

Pregnant woman had better not drink coke, if fruit is honest the mouth is greedy, drink oneLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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Also be bits bit irrespective, cannot one-time drink too much. Coke beverage contains peace of coffeine, coke, pigment to wait commonly, they are mixed to pregnant woman fetal it is harmful and profitless.

The pigment in beverage is inside pregnant woman body save up, can disturb a variety of enzymatic functions, to pregnantShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Produce negative effect. And, some coke beverage contains influential skeleton to form the phosphor with calcification kind the additive such as material and essence, pregnant woman is unfavorable and drinkable. Accordingly, pregnant woman is mixed for oneself the health of darling, might as well the mouth that runs oneself, had better not drink coke.

Pregnant woman can drink coke

Pregnant woman drank coke to meet how

Coke is black the Brown, sweet taste, carbonic acid beverage that contains coffeine, have coffeine but do not contain wineFall in love with the sea

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Essence of life, blameLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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Constant popularity. Carbon dioxide is contained in coke, can come out the belt of quantity of heat in the stomach, give a person comfortable the feeling with excitement. Coke can alleviate on certain level queasyLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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. But because the caffein of higher class status is contained in coke, the absorption that coffeine passes placenta very easily inside body enters fetal system inside, can endanger the organ such as fetal cerebra, heart.

Because fetal to coffeine particularly sensitive, coffeine can cause transmissibility disease, because the nucleus of an acid in the chemical structure of coffeine and macromolecule of D NA of gene of human body heredity is very similar,be, such caffein are united in wedlock with respect to likelihood and DNA, make cellular happening mutates. Pregnant woman had better control him not to drink coke, be opposite not only because of coke oneself, and right fetal have very great harm.

Pregnant woman can drink coke

1, overmuch coke peace, caffein enters pregnant woman system inside hind, can cause excitement of central nervous system, produce irritating, breath to accelerate, tachycardia, insomnia, tinnitus, dazed wait for harmful response.

2, coffeine still can carry placental action at fetal, make inside the mother’s body fetal the harmful impact that accepts coffeine continuously, can bring about the child to be born on future trouble congenital disease, produce the fetal death, weight when be born to cross low and serious toxic consequence even.

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