Advanced war style ” battle law ” appear on the market 3 days to already called in development cost

Bout strategy game is made newly ” battle law ” already official put on sale, this game is palm machine master ” advanced war ” mental successor, after work appears on the market a few days, had obtained a very strong bureau. Development business holds concurrently issued business Chucklefish to release a rich customers now, introduced this month ” battle law ” circumstance, since this game landed PC and lead plane platform on Feburary 1, 2019 oneself, had called in nowadays development cost. After game appears on the market 3 days, maintaining a strong bureau, chucklefish still listed a series of short-term with long-term newer plan, meaning in let this game retain vigor. Short-term inside, chucklefish plans to carry updated kind, send the Bug that discovers after carry out for player rehabilitate, and optimize atelier to fail before appear on the market the problem of preferential rehabilitate. First patch after major problem will carry game put on sale has repair, this patch already ” refer and entered phase of examine and verify ” . Besides, the character of other is optimized and upgrade will pass the means deploy that updates for a long time, include to jump over the function of warlike setting quickly among them, the function that switch map moves quickly and the function that optimize hall of game much National People’s Congress. Finally, chucklefish still will rise patch and upgrade the frequency that archives releases, undertake content upgrades, release follow-up DLC to wait. ” battle law ” already landed PC, Switch and Xbox One platform now, still will land PS4 later on this year.

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