” final illusion 7: Refashion edition ” flow train in excess specified length one paragraphic be equivalent to FF13

Everybody knows, ” final illusion 7: Refashion edition ” will divide for many paragraphic put on sale, this caused everybody’s concern, because may be short of,miss content of a few game and experience. However this concern is redundant completely, disclose according to producer Yoshinori Kitase, each paragraphic system capacity is equivalent to a whole game.

” final illusion 7: Refashion edition ” paragraphic the game that can not resemble Telltale in that way, content of hour of every paragraphic 2-3, join next rise. Actually every paragraphic be equivalent to a whole game, look quite, paragraphic be equivalent to ” final illusion 13 ” game.

Finally, kitase clarifies say refashion edition is paragraphic also won’t resemble ” final illusion 13 ” in that way, each work comes through different point of view taletelling. The story because of game already by everybody place is hep, and the system has finalized the design, they won’t make the attempt of this respect again.

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