The rhythm of terminator story? RTS ” strange place is cindery ” adapt a novel to release

Strategic game ” strange place is cindery ” mix recently book ” Post-Human ” series writer David Simpson rolled out together ” start is cindery ” adapt a novel. The world of the novel and set are to come from this game, tell about the setting story of game gut and environment for everybody.

The name of this novel is called ” strange place is matutinal ” , still be in close future times, the mankind that has technology of strange place future and the mankind that do not have this technology erupted war, the mankind can have served as each body to have the job jointly with AI, but can preserve more human nature.

David Simpson says: I am very excited really, had this book, we can lead readers one step by step the display with better understanding bit rarer technology.

” strange place is matutinal ” will on May 12 put on sale, can have undertaken purchase in advance on Kindle now, price 4.99 dollars, yamaxun of put on sale presswork edition price 12.99 dollars.

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