” hero no longer: Of Telaweisi strike back ” ending is alluded ” hero no longer 3 ” already began to make

Serve as series outside send work, ” hero no longer: Of Telaweisi strike back ” had been in Switch platform put on sale, this work that included 7 to confuse your game cannot satisfy the wish that series vermicelli made from bean starch makes to add apparently, so ” hero no longer 3 ” after all what circumstance? Actually, xu Tiangang has been in it seems that ” hero no longer: Of Telaweisi stri爱上海同城

ke back ” coda gave out爱上海同城对对碰

to reply. ” hero no longer: Of Telaweisi strike back ” list of the personnel that make (in video examine and verify, please later) :

Recently, switch of player get through ” hero no longer: Of Telaweisi strike back ” , hidden painted eggshell discovered after the terminal personnel that make is expressed (saying well and truly also is not painted eggshell, all connecting close a player to be able to see) , our leading role pulled Wei Sijin to enter setting of a 3D especially, it is one checks person idol on, discover not hard from inside bilateral dialog, what they say ” in be being developed ” , affirm even if ” hero上海千花网交友

no longer 3 ” . Hero no longer series is the earliest two work got embracing wholesale not less with opening the world and the picture that provide individual character alone and the plot of a play, ” hero no longer: Of Te阿爱上海同城

laweisi strike back ” can saying is to develop business to use visional a of 4 engine 阿拉爱上海同城

try water make, since premonitory already embedded game is medium, so ” hero no longer 3 ” still perhaps can be Switch molopolizes.

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