Final of coronal of Europe of 2017 women’s volleyballs winning Zhu Ting receives in glory Wajifu MVP achieves the history

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People net Beijing on April 24 report (Yang Qiaodong) Beijing time on April 24, final of coronal of women’s volleyball Europe cared about Daliteleiweisuo to ring down the curtain 2017, turkey Wajifu bank women’s volleyball beats the Liyanuo inside host family to gain the championship with 3-0, chinese player Zhu Ting obtains MVP(the most valuable player) t上海贵族宝贝

itle. This is gold of afterwards 2011-2012 sports season delays hind, the 2nd wins the Asian woman player of this special honour. “International graceful ” good name of MVP of successful defend Olympic Games, this is Zhu Ting wears ocean head hat, still be a Chinese MVP of the first Ou Guan!

Zhu Ting also afterwards 2012 inferior the generation is green contest, young 2013 contest, 2015 inferior bright and beautiful contest, the world cup was mixed 2015 after the Olympic Games is being made an appointment with in 2016, win MVP special honour in important match again.

Regard Turkey as rich and powerful family, wajifu the bank infiltrates 7 times Europe coronal final, 2011 sports season, 2013 sports season ask a vessel 3 times champion with 2017 sports season. 2011 sports season and 2013 sports season, wajifu the bank is advocate give fight, be over for two times get the better of A阿拉爱上海上海千花网交友


zerbaijan rabbi Dabaku seizes chief, lin Ka of case of two big n/COL the head of a family stars and Bulakesaiweiji receive in glory MVP early or late. Beat the Liyanuo inside section of big profit of idea of one who treats sb to a meal this to lose laurel, it is the bank is in Wajifu first field of the guest in Europe coronal league matches ascends a top. As team the first notch strong point, semifinal of bright red graceful is opposite Yisajibaxi gets a constellation enemy 24 minutes alone, finals meets Keneiliyanuo head-on to seize 22 minutes again, the ind上海贵族宝贝

ividual that behead catchs this second Europe coronal is highest honorary fact returns to the name.

Although tile radical nots,the achievement of this sports season is inferior to the bank anticipate, but performance of whole of Europe coronal league matches is smooth. 16 powerful groups surpass force to press Yisajibaxi to get the better of head name to give a clue completely, the contest after season 6 into 3 wash out world of Su Li of Swiss rich and powerful family, 4 strong decisive battle early or late 0 Yisajibaxi and Keneiliyanuo ask a vessel. Although the first part company bright red graceful is the contention that participates in Ou Guan first, but showed extremely strong stability and notch ability. In individual technology statistic, zhu Ting surpasses a rank in the group optimal notch the 3rd, optimal drop shot the 5th, optimal block the 14th and optimal pass 8;6 to be in into 3 knockout optimal notch and optimal drop shot all is listed the 6th, optimal block is discharged the 13rd. Each technology statistic, aggression is led successfully and efficiency attacks a hand in one numerous edge in be among the best of candidates.

Wajifu alive all cup, Turkey cup and earth exceed the bank league matches develops coronal be thwarted continuously, coronal of Europe of go on an expedition 4 strong final are上海夜网论坛

its avoid ” 4 big all empty ” awkward crucial battle. Main attack Zhu Ting exceeds strong ego to adjust ability and holding ability of opportunity for combat is its withstand the most reliable safeguard that pressure asks a vessel. The aggression of semifinals and finals Zhu Ting is respectively 38 buckle 22 counteract 33 buckle 19 in, successful rate all is achieved 58% . 6 bureaus take two battle alone 46 cent, block and defend also from time to tome wonderful performance, zhu Ting is unquestionable the number one hero that the ground becomes team to seize chief.

From junior when in inferior green contest and world Qing Sailian seize MVP to cut a figure, to the delegate Chinese women’s volleyball asks for competition ground of border of the Warring States to be received in glory in 3 contests for two times the most valuable player, deprive an individual again in European top class competition ground to league matches of profession giving fight again highest honor, zhu Ting breaks through ego ceaselessly in its motion career, in volleyball such collective project showed the star’s value adequately. Help Wajifu this the bank harvests coronal of sports season head and receive in glory MVP, first sports season that leaves ocean for Zhu Ting added the brushstroke of thick Mo Chongcai. Break successfully ” champion barren ” hind, hope Zhu Ting and her teammate people can have better performance next, delimit for this sports season on satisfactory full stop.

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