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This is human patent. Even still argumentation of biologist of a west goes out infrahuman evolution is become erect walking mankind, because such facilitating,be openly sex. Such saying that be not a bit truth to also be done not have actually, because it has a lot of advantages really,this kind of common sex means gains ground is.

It is the communication between facilitating spouse. The communication between the spouse is very important to making love. Openly means compares rear pattern apparently more be helpful for what each other understand between the spouse experiencing; 2 be butLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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With undertaking the body is contacted closely more closely. Female1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Area of sexual sex appeal (the position that causes excitement easily namely) it is the place that skin mucous membrane centers quite. For instance: Labium, tit, lip. Use this kind of sex means to be able to be contacted each other besides genital besides, lip, tit also can tighten intimate contact. Sexual excitement is all-around. 3 it is to facilitate to pubic bones combination undertakes oppressing. Pubic combination is place of female abdomen emphatic, the male can have apparent feeling. Actually this also is sexy area. Pin this place to be able to make the female obtains lasting pleasure closely. It is unavailable that the attention adopts other sex posture of this kind of effect.

The conception opportunity of this kind of sex means is general. In the operation the male takes active place, but the movement that the female also can cater to the male. Only both sides developed activity, caiyida arrives climax. The force of the lumbar abdomen that the male uses, exert oneself to do sth. to facilitate, the male is OK the humeral ministry that a leg half; both hands can pin a female. If male weight is overweight, need both hands is propped up go up in the bed, lest press systemic weight on female body, those who cause her is asphyxial.

Female of this kind of sex means is a few more relaxed, can experience; to also can hit out actively slowly. When the climax comes, can raise hip slightly, such facilitating forcibly. But the harmony that should notice rhythm.

2 people make an organic whole, the harmony of sexual life is very important. What the pose when different sexual intercourse can help a couple bring a gender is delighted, also can make sexual life more harmonious, the feeling between stimulative husband and wife.

The female thinks they are in soft bed and man are strong between the body, when be being surrounded closely, can give her warm, comfortable, safe sense.

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Decrease at the chance that reachs a clitoris actively to suffer direct stimulationLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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