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Many people are between equipment pregnancy, perhaps go up without the bosom in long-term equipment pregnant after the child, can go to a hospital make a few inspections to his body, sex hormone is a kind of very common examination method 6. Pass this kind of inspection, OK also very easily discern the issue that gives human body presence. Make this kind of inspection, it is need skyLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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The abdomen undertakes checking. Sex hormone introduces for everybody below 6 examination requirement!

 Make 6 hormone need is hollow

1, hollow
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Reproductive outpatient service often treats a patient one face is regretful: Rise early greatly, big old far drive to hospital inspection, before can not noticing to be being checked, took food an egg or it is a cup of soya-bean milk. Right now need not too self-condemned, 4 hours after a few taking food can detect afresh. But notice here please ” a few taking food ” the appetite that shows a cup of an egg, soya-bean milk is similar, if you rise early a piece of oil flat bread is adscititious a bowl sweet-scented thick stiff introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad hot boiling water, what check time additionally still about then is good;

2, menstruation comes wet 2-4 day

Sex hormone is worth along with menstrual cycle hour 6 times to producing change. And 6 sex hormone inside this time intervalShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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All be in a foundation to be worth condition, can diagnose a condition of endocrine of foundation of the person that see a doctor from this, consequently most commonly used. But examine an end according to differring, sex hormone also can be in 6 times: The time such as oviposit period, corpus luteum period detects. Want to see the time demand of microscope sheet so.

 Make 6 hormone need is hollow

3, any sex hormone were not taken inside a month kind medicaments

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Hormone, can cover standard of hormone of the authenticity inside body. And medicaments metabolizes inside body complete, also need proper time. Reason reproduction doctor suggests: Before ensuring you are being checked please did not take inside January contain sex hormone kind medicaments. For example, the Da Ying 3-5 that ovarian patient takes much bag; The Dafutong that the patient that protect a fetus takes (bend progesterone namely) ; The Bu Jiale that patient of menstrual sparse hair takes.

4, the proposal before the examination is at the door control laboratory sit quietly ten minutes

This proposal basically is the exhaustion that sees a doctor to avoid a patient to hurry on with one’s journey, overworked, mood excited to sex hormone 6 examination causes an effect as a result.

 Make 6 hormone need is hollow

Overcome a variety of toll-gate, wait eventually come to fresh the sex hormone that gives heat 6 laboratory test are simple, because of the preparation of your elaborate science, it is true, objective, valuable. After achieving examination result smoothly, go quickly enjoyingForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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