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Choice gem gal will reduce weight the motion that thin body is ideal of a lot of people, will reduce weight because of gem gal is OK relaxed many, be inferior to ran in that way overworked, gem gal also1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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It is a kind of movement that people looks to be met, the type of gem gal has a lot of kinds, gem gal has different pose, doing gem gal to practice gymnastical effect also is perfectly, a lot of gym begin to execute gem gal to take exercise now, brought gem gal train technically still, does gem gal have so thin body what movement?

The movement of gem gal has thin body what

Tree type:

1, stand naturally, both hands hangs down the side that put a body, loosen shoulder.

2, right leg knee bends and raise, with the hand will right sole is put in left thigh 1/2 place or knee place, both hands to celestial extend and put the palms together, hold breath.

3, hold leg department action, both hands drops to the bosom before, at the same time expiratory.

Effect: Exercise the person’s counterbalance, and conduce to the muscle of drawing arm ham and upper part of the body, prevent the upper part of the body adiposeLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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Pile up.

Trigonometry type

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1, two legs open a half shoulder breadth, sole becomes 60 degrees of part, two tacticsForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Hang down put body side

2, double arm is lifted to side come high shoulder, inspiratory, left and right sides of the upper part of the body shakes.

3, expiratory, the right hand is down outspread, till ankle of lay a finger on, at the same time left hand arm up extend, look up see needle of finger of towards the left. Across repeats an act with same way.

Heroic type

1, two legs around makes an appointment with two shoulder breadth apart, left foot is advanced, right leg is in hind, right leg toe opens about 60 degrees outwards. Both hands hangs down put in the body two side.

2, both hands up extend, the five fingers and approach, and palmar put the palms together, hold breath.

3, expiratory, curve left knee to assume 90 degrees of role, ham is parallel at the ground.

Effect: Extend upper part of the body, subtract effectively flesh of double leg go to live in the household of one’s in-laws on getting married.

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These are the gem gal about thin body, if want thin body when if doing gem gal, be to be able to try these relevant movements, the gem gal of thin body has a lot of kinds, nevertheless gem gal cent is law of thin body of a lot of place, what be aimed at a place technically is fat, also have the campaign of thin whole body, when everybody is choosing gem gal to exercise a method, these affirmation are need cent is good with what had mastered, get better result reducing weight through making gem gal gift so. Sh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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