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Asparagus and agaric are life Central Africa often feeds capable person commonly, be in our country, almost countrywide each district has manufacturing agaric, in daily life, suggest everybody eats a few agaric more, this has a lot of profit to health, have the effect of invigorate the circulation of blood for instance, still have very good embellish lung effect, some people are met in the hard to avoid in the job a few more inspiratory dust, this kind of crowd should eat agaric more more, so can agaric eat together with asparagus collocation?

Can asparagus and agaric eat together?

Can asparagus and agaric eat together?

1. asparagus and agaric are not overcome

Asparagus has the good name of vegetable king, contain rich vitamin, mineral, prandial fiber, still contain peptide of cereal Guang pleasant, female friend understands this kind of composition very much for certain, peptide of cereal Guang pleasant has very good hairdressing effect, because this female eats more,still can fight consenescence. K of rich iron and vitamin is contained in agaric, female often edible can avoid anemia likewise, additional skin is ruddy. And asparagus and agaric are OK of edible, both is not overcome.

Can asparagus and agaric eat together?

2. and the food that agaric photograph digests

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Live agaric and gram of what food photograph, laterShanghai night net

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Can put a person’s mind to undertake distributing food. Say agaric to cannot be fed together with the turnip commonly, can cause dermatitis; Also cannot jump over conch and river snail to eat together, because the river snail of cold sex meets the agaric of slippery benefit, can cause abdominal distension, go against digest. In addition, agaric must be fried completely ripe hind eat, because of black agaric polysaccharide this kind of material has very strong fight cruor active.

3. and the food that asparagus photograph digests

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The food that digests with asparagus photograph is pumpkin, because purine is contained in asparagus and pumpkin, the burden of can aggravating taste, gouty patient isNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Do not suit to eat this two kinds of alimental

Can asparagus and agaric eat together?

4. asparagus fries agaric to doLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

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agaric bubble hair, asparagus is cut paragraph. Green ginger garlic is mixed inside the boiler that heat up oil, explode next fry agaric, can fry a little while more, asparagus is put to break up again later fry, join right amount salt, a few is unripe smoke, oyster sauce can give boiler, very simple way, at the same time nutrition delicate.

Embellish lung town coughs, make expectoration easy kills insect. Dawdle, small cold, sex pleasant of cool, flavour, enter classics of liver, stomach. Asparagus and dawdle are the food with cool sex, often take cool sexShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Food, what can cause gastric bowel not only is unwell, still can make the blood-vessel of gastric bowel encounters cold systole, influence food enters blood-vessel through enteron mucous membrane. Gastric bowel path is vasomotor, the blood that reduces gastric bowel again is supplied, the digestive squirm motivation of abate stomach bowel measures those who reach digestive juice to secrete, reduced thereby decompose alimental ability.

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