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The body when the cold is compared generally frail, can appear more or less inflammation, eat patulin commonly so while also should cooperate a few antiphlogistic medicine to eatShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Ability can get effective. Besides the patulin that a few have a demand particularly, general patulin won’t wait for occurrence reaction with food, harm body perhaps reduces medical effect. But with respect to cold itself for this thing, still do not suggest to have a fish, heal of conduce of should delicate food.

Eat patulin to be able to have a fish

When 1. catchs a cold1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Article of the unfavorable diet that eat a fish: During every catchs a cold, no matter chill catchs a cold or it is wind hot cold, avoid eats everything nourishing, fat, acerbA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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Food, inside flesh of such as pork, duck, chicken, sheep, meal of polished glutinous rice, the root of remembranous milk vetch, sealwort, the tuber of dwarf lilyturf, ginseng, placental, donkey-hide gelatin flesh of all sorts of sea fish, shrimp roe, crab, longan, pomegranate, Wu Mei, and all sorts of deserts that stick glutinous food. The person that chill catchs a cold even avoid eats food of afore-mentioned cold cool sex, be like water chest nut of melon of melon of flesh of flesh of bud of persimmon, dried persimmon, bean curd, gram, river snail, spiral shell, mussel, Xian, unripe turnip, unripe lotus root, virgin soil, lettuce, unripe pear, raw or cold food, arhat fruit, cold tea, chrysanthemum. Wind heats up the person that catch a cold to still answer diet ginger, peppery, cassia bark, fennel, clove, arenaceous benevolence, liquor, aweto.

Eat patulin to be able to have a fish

2. cold can eat the food such as piscine shrimp, these food contain a lot ofthe nutrient composition such as protein. When catching a cold, of airframe use up increase, need notices seasonable compensatory nurture is qualitative, will complement of airframe use up. 1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Want to notice nevertheless, when catching a cold, digestible energy force drops, cannot come with the method such as deepfry cook fish, can eat steam, fish of boiled in clear soup. Want to notice additionally, if cold hind is amalgamative bronchitic, when having cough cough up phlegm, cannot wait for condiment with chili, symptom of easy aggravating cough.

Eat patulin to be able to have a fish

What gastric bowel function can cause when 3. catchs a cold is frail, cause dyspeptic condition, the meat had better not eat when catching a cold so kind food, include the food of cruelly oppress and so on. Cruelly oppress sex is hot, to inside the cold that heat causes greatly, if edible cruelly oppress, the symptom of possible aggravating cold, the circumstance of occurrence get angry, do not have fish as far as possible so, eat fresh vegetable and fruit more.

4. cold can take medicine, if have cough, expectoration. Pharynx and larynx is painful wait for a symptom to should not be eat. Directive opinion: During the cold, it is with delicate foodForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Advocate, the fish is adipose protein is tall, of steam.

5. goes outShanghai noble baby

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Showed the symptom of the cold, because virus infection is brought about,this kind of circumstance considers more is. It is OK to take those who fight virus to medication commonly so. Because fish and egg contain rich protein, want right amount edible only, have profit to human body. Basically be to notice not to eat too acrimony, the food with excitant raw or cold food, OK. The proposal eats the food of content of a few tall vitamins more, be like vegetable water fruit.

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