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In daily life, no matter do what thing to need calculated to undertake, after the plan is good, if be carried out next again, not only can get half the result with twice the effort, and still can save a lot of time, reducing weight actually also is same, some people blind reduces weight, do not have calculated to reduce weight without the purpose, the effect that as a result discovery reduces weight is not special ideal, if calculated gives him,make insteadLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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Decide the word of meal reducing weight, it is very easy decrease adipose, plan of that meal reducing weight why important?

Meal reducing weight plans

Reduce grease food plan:

1, need everybody to be in what tallow fat reduces on food to absorb above all, adipose nevertheless after absorbing let a person easily have a kind of very full feeling, the appetite that lets a person dropped, did not want to have a meal again, and adipose can help everybody absorb vitamin of dissolve fat sex, expert proposal is adipose absorb 25% what can hold total energy.

2, the full abdomen sense that the person gives if absorbing carbohydrate is low-down, the person can let feel full far from after a few simple saccharide ate especially, nevertheless the candy in carbohydrate divides main effect is to prevent ketosis and negative nitrogen balance, the quantity that suggests everybody absorbs carbohydrate needs to control the 40%~55% in total energy.

3, if everybody is in at ordinary times those who cause liver kidney function is meet to damage if overmuch protein is being absorbed in food, so protein absorbs low energy food of everybody not to suit too tall, everybody absorbs protein to ought to control the 20%~ in total energy on foodNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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30% it is the most appropriate, eat moreForum of Shanghai noble baby

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A few high grade albumen kind food, for instance egg, rasorial flesh, cruelly oppress, milk is waited a moment.

4, must absorb everyday according to normal level enough much vitamin and mineral, this is the important element that preserves style of human body life to ask for, vegetable fruit is right choice, the vitamin that contains among it is very much, and energy is very little, there is full abdomen feeling after cannot eating, food is phyletic ought to diversification, ten million cannot partiality for a particular kind of food.

Meal reducing weight plans

Decrease fat how to should eat

Reduce the dietary goal during fat, should be to make blood sugar maintains a smooth level as far as possible, do not want to lift suddenly, what also do not fall is too low.

Of blood sugar lift abruptly, arouse the insulin inside body easily to arrive at perch (once insulin arrives at perch, ) can stay 6.5 hours or so in this perch level.

Gao Shuiping’s insulin can make the body is entered close1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Into condition, make body apt synthesis adipose with muscle (muscle synthesis is need condition, the muscle that basically includes to fight obstruction training to cause is destroyed, hormone environment and sufficient nutrient supply) , and the speed that can make blood sugar drops is accelerated, enter hungry interval.

And blood sugar is in low a level, can make the body produces hungry move easily, reduce airframe at the same time use up, use up to wanting to increase reducing fat is very adverse.

Be in to maintain blood sugar a smooth level, need to choose low GI(low index rising candy) staple food will replaceLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

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The rice flour that often eats, and accomplish eat much food less, give the body equably to provide carbolic water.

Meal reducing weight plans

Decrease fat period to you can not eat staple food?

Cannot. A lot of people think staple food is rice knead dough, so I say my definition to staple food first. I think staple food is carbohydrate, bases is carbonShanghai night net

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Of hydrate OK and wraparound for staple food: Bread of rice, face, yam, corn, potato, watermelon, whole wheat.

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