[how does _ of recipe of dumpling of fill of _ of authentic fill dumpling include fill steamed dumplings filled with minced meat and gravy] –

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Fill dumpling also is a kind of steamed stuffed bun, be in a lot of areas, authentic fill dumpling shop exists. Fill dumpling and photograph of common steamed stuffed bun are compared, there is rife soup juice not only inside, and flavour also should compare common steamed stuffed bun more grumous. The making technology plus fill dumpling is very superior, welcome getting a person also is affirmative. Actually a lot of people also can make fill dumpling in the home, but the way that does not know authentic fill dumpling. So, how is authentic fill dumpling done?

How is authentic fill dumpling done?

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Boiler lies between water steam, go up steam hind small fire 10 to 15 minutes. Cut them into strip with small knife after evaporate is good, put next water is added inside boiler, big baked wheaten cake leaves, after small fire stews 2 hours, become till soup ivory. Come out soup next, put inside a bowl, put freezer compartment next. Next the pork chop that will buy, with skin east agitate freezes together.

How is authentic fill dumpling done?

Cut green ginger end next, be sure to keep in mind to must be cut very brokenly very broken. This appearance just is met more tasty. Put green ginger end ground meat next inside, join salt, cooking wine, gallinaceous essence, taking a chopstick or ladle down agitate of a direction, agitate puts safe afterwards refrigerant 30 come minute. Flour adds water, flour had better buy those who compare strong line to had been compared. Knead just good. Next rub is become, cut, rolling pole roll becomes wafer. Put chopped meat inside next, the package is nice. Of the bag most be just like common steamed stuffed bun a bit smaller.

How is authentic fill dumpling done?

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Child, sesame oil is put inside will small plate, soy, put the fill dumpling with good evaporate next inside, taste that calls delicate! Good, lubricious, sweet, flavour, the fill dumpling of completely has been done! How? Be very simple?

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